Hand Mixed Premuim E-Juice

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Current list of whats steeped and ready to vape

Can change day to day depending on orders

Biscuit Eater (Clone) Custard with biscuit background 0mg

Pound Cake (Clone) Cake Lemon Vanilla 0mg

Jungle Fever (Clone) Tropical fruits 0mg

Beard 32 (Clone) Banana, Cinnamon, Cream, Sugar 0mg

Gambit (Clone) Apple pie 0mg

Grants Custard (Clone) Custard and vanilla Cheesecake 0mg

Kanzi (Clone) Kiwi Strawberry watermellon marshmallow 0mg

LLLT (Clone) Lemon tart 0mg

Kilberry Yougurt (Clone) Kiwi and Strawberry youghurt 0mg

Blue Slush (Clone) Slushie 0mg

Pink Lemonade (Clone) lemonade with a hint of grapefruit 0mg

KMA (Clone) Banana Strawberry milk shake 0mg

Boss Reserve (Clone) Honey cream banana nuts cereal 0mg

Moon Butter (Butterscotch and peanut butter) 0mg

Millionairs Shortbread (Caramel cake Custard) 0mg

Enigma V4 (A mild tobacco with maple syrup) 0mg

Black Magik (Blackcurrant fruits of the forrest grape) 0mg

Fantasi Ice flavours, Apple, Orange, Mango, and Grape. 0mg

Strawconut Strawberry and mild coconut. 0mg

T-Dream (Tangerine lemon cake batter cheesecake) 0mg